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"The artist's Voice" - conversation with Petra Sitting

Petra Sittig talks with Ksenia Ovsyanick in her series "The Artist's Voice".

"For me it never felt like sacrifice. It felt like a choice and what I wanted to do and I wanted to devote time to it. " says Principal Ballet dancer Ksenia Ovsyanick about her career as a ballet dancer. Ksenia grew up in Belarus and then later did her ballet training at the English National Ballet school From there she moved on the dance at the English National Ballet company and is now Principal dancer at the Berlin state ballet. About the changes in the ballet world, Ksenia feels that on social media, there has been diverting from the art form. There is too much focus on the technical side and even though she acknowledges that technique is important, the many videos on social media have not made it possible to value the artistic side of the dancers. Ksenia has also become a mum a while ago and she is talking about how she focusses on these two parts of her life. Hear more about her wishes for the future and how she spends her time when she is not in the ballet studio.


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