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Interview for Akai Kutsu

1. Did you get more free time for yourself? If so, have you started doing something new, gave a free rein to any new habits?

- It is interesting, that more time for myself has not appeared at all.:) There was of course a big shock when the quarantine had just started and suddenly everything was canceled, including daily training. It took me a few days to get used to the new reality. But the acceptance also led to an instant thought that I just have to find ways to create. That led to my first project, where I created a video with the dancers of our company <From Berlin with Love> and from there it went non-stop. In addition to the online lessons and workshops that I began being asked for, I took on several video projects and started rehearsing with ballet master Maina Gielgud on a piece by Maurice Béjart that we had long wanted to work on; we made a music video with singer Maria Imania; we're working on a new creation with choreographer Itzik Galili; I've been involved in several documentaries; and we've also opened an art gallery with my husband (online for now, until distancing measures go down).

2. In the conditions of self-isolation, did you not catch yourself thinking that you suddenly caught fire with new ideas, charged with some fresh inspiration?

- Yes, absolutely. Although I think it was not because of isolation, but because I just had to do something, and since the stage the moment is inaccessible to me, the focus has shifted to alternative ideas.

3. When the forced self-isolation ends, what is the first thing you want to do?

- Dance on stage))

4. What are your plans for projects in the near future? Maybe something you would even like to announce, something to surprise?

From what I have mentioned above, I am very happy to share my projects From Berlin with Love, Quarantini, as well as my video with Maria <Glanzen wie ein Star>. Out of the projects that are still in production, the new creation with choreographer Itzik Galili will be very special; another of my video projects is due soon, as well as a documentary by Farhad Mohammadi <Together Alone>. And well, in terms of surprising, it may be unexpected, but my husband and I also created an art exhibition online <Screen time is up>. And although it has nothing to do with ballet for me, it was a huge creative breakthrough.

5. In light of the complicated world situation due to the coronavirus, what helps you personally find solace? And what words of encouragement and support could you address to the ballet community? (YouTube links, personal web sites, social networks are welcome.)

- You know, I stopped watching the news. This situation has affected so many individual lives, and not only at the expense of the virus itself, but also at the expense of the measures taken to protect against it... This is also a very difficult situation for the ballet community, because the future of our profession depends on the possibility of contact... But I think now more than ever there is an opportunity to show society how important art is and the support it can provide for us. That's why I decided to concentrate on this, on continuing to create and inspire, because if there is faith in the future - there will be one!

And for the ballet community in particular, I send a warm hug. Hold on, dance however you can and let this time be an opportunity for self-development!

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