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“... her ability to carry the character through the multifaceted emotional transformation from shy youth to a self-assured woman was as profound and articulate as the technical skill of her dancing …”

- Dance Europe |Onegin|

“... her wafting port de bras always seeming to carry her off the ground. Her landings were completely silent - she experienced great control within her pure upper body freedom. Together, her ethereal movements and other-worldly expression seemed to conjure the music from inside her own body with breath-taking effect…”

- Dance Europe |GIselle|

“… She is fragile, warm, musical, technically fluid, strong and has that extra special quality of ethereality that enables the audience to be transported to another world. From start to finish she was the magic ingredient that sent us homeward singing in our hearts…."
- Dance Europe |Corsaire|

“…The mystery in her eyes characterised the sensuality and power of the role. She oozed femininity, making it impossible to look away..."
- Arts Review

“…Her Port de Bras is so sensitive and expressive that is seems that she is just inventing them while dancing. That's real greatness. “

- Ballett Journal |Giselle|

“…she dominated Gorsky’s choreography as a thrillingly extravagant Kitri…"

- Dance International


“… In Raymonda, majestic and elegant Ovsyanick presented a style exercise at the highest level...”

- CryticasBalletymas 

“…Ovsyanicks wide-opened eyes gave her peasant girl a day-dreaming quality, their distant gaze perfect for a chilling mad scene." 

- Dance Europe


“… She commanded the stage with her quiet but sinewy presence.”

- Bachtrack


“...Her body, her facial expressions, her movements, her hands, her feet, her eye-play - everything is as eloquent as if she were Shakespeare  presenting the text in a different peculiarly sensual, excitingly beautiful language.“

- Ballett Journal  |Romeo and Juliet|

“…each of her performances is greeted by waves of applause inflamed. Rightly, because she has the technique, the morphology, the charm. Ksenia in Juliette has evolved her role from a candid and dreamy girl to that of a deep, mature and determined woman. The dancer modulates her wide range of expressions." 
- |Romeo and Juliet|

Ksenia Ovsyanick, Portrait | RBB Abendschau

Ksenia Ovsyanick, Portrait | RBB Abendschau

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