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    Belorussian-British ballet dancer, principal ballerina with Staatsballett Berlin, Ksenia Ovsyanick became known also for her collaborations beyond the stage with art galleries, artists, fashion designers, musicians and filmmakers. She started her career at English National ballet, joining Staatsballett Berlin in 2016 and over the years performed on stages around the world and winning numerous prestigious
dance awards...                            

C O M I N G   U P   P E R F O R M A N C E S

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L A T E S T 

Interview by Svetlana Avakuum for "DANCE FOR YOU" magazine


"The fate of ballet dancers is often dependent and subject to strict regulations, but not in the case of Ksenia Ovsyanick. She breaks stereotypes..." 

more here


21 Feb 2023

"The artist's Voice" -

Petra Sitting in conversation with Ksenia in her series "The Artist's Voice".

Watch here

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23 Oct 2023

"Ballet for future?" - Ein Podcast des Staatsballetts Berlin - panel discussion series questioning the repertoire, canons and established practices of classical ballet/ 

Listen here (in German)

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25 July 2023

Premio "Eccelenze della Danza" 2023

"...The prize, now in its fourth edition, resumes after the forced stop of the pandemic, with a cast of stellar appearances and winners:  Premio Stelle della Danza Estera to Ksenia Ovsyanick...." more


05 Feb 2023

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